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After 53 long years, St. Paul couple mark their first married Valentine's Day

This article is wonderful!


Actually, Tumblr has a weirdly high number of hardcore traditionalist christians/white nationalists/”traditionalists”

it’s relatively easy to miss them for the most part, though, so there are small mercies, I suppose

Dominionists is the word you’re looking for.

Anonymous asked
When will I be able to illegally pirate your book?


We actually had a bit of fun for the pirated copies. Much like some video games have changing content when a copy is downloaded illegally, the Valhalla eBook has a trick final chapter.

Normally, the book has an awesome ending that I developed over the years and am very proud of, one that resolves the characters arcs and sets up the sequel. But once an illegal download trigger is set, the chapter is deleted and replaced with an alternate chapter in which the protagonists give up their mission in favor of sitting down for a nice dinner and discussing the finer points of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Instead of blowing up the baddies, Violet will instead lecture the reader on the importance of not friend-zoning nice guys. Segueing into a dissertation on the joys of cultural appropriation, the characters you’ve come to love will then forgo dessert in favor of writing anonymous hatemail to cancer patients. And then the infamous “Kitten Grinder” scene, ah yes it’s a true clusterfuck of epic proportions, written just for you, the pirate. Never has a novel been so thoroughly ruined as the illegal copies of Valhalla. And I haven’t even mentioned the praise for George W. Bush that flows through the stolen final chapter.

Or the added scene with gratuitous My Little Pony smut. So to answer your question, if the fates are merciful you’ll never be able to download it illegally, because it would make your brain fall out.


Public Library Expansion

Dear Citizens of Lawrence, KS,

The Public Library is perfectly fine. It has the things I need, I don’t need to wait in line, I don’t have to walk two blocks to find a parking spot, your staff is helpful, and the building itself is a little old, but in good shape.

Why in the hell would spending $18 million dollars to build a new one and a parking garage be in any way necessary or productive? Most of the streets here are in terrible shape, crime has dramatically increased, and the buses don’t even run on the weekend. There are hundreds of things that could have been done with this money instead of wasting it on a library that is perfectly fine the way it is.

With 18 million dollars, you could have bought fucking Alvamar Golf Course THREE TIMES! Or just buy it once and build two really nice satellite libraries on the east and west end of town. Or buy Abe and Jakes… TEN TIMES. Can you imagine how kickass a library would be at either of those places? No, because you’re fucking morons.

18.9% of this city lives below the poverty line, including me. And you assholes just raised my rent.

Every time a tax increase comes to a vote, you idiots just say YES. Don’t get me wrong, the public transit was a good idea, now the entire city is serviced and that’s super neat, but $18 million dollars is a shit-ton of money to take from a city already having money problems.

In summary, you all are morons. I’m moving to Baldwin.